VARIO stationary car vacuum cleaner

VARIO is a professional car vacuum cleaner offered in single- (Mono) or dual- (Duo) stand for one or two users, to be used at the same time, in an elegant stainless steel cabinet.

It is equipped with durable and water-resistant induction turbine in an aluminium body. Suction power is dependent on the type of power supply.

The vacuum cleaner is available in versions with single power supply (230V) or three-phase (400-415V).
Standard equipment consists of electronic coins and tokens acceptor, providing full control over the sales and implementation services.  In addition, a non-resettable counter records all switching. Coins and tokens are stored inside the unit, optionally in a lock cassette.
Vacuum cleaner removes dust and dirt into a container with integrated suction chamber, which can be easily and quickly emptied.

Both the container and dirt suction chamber are made from reinforced laminate, which fully protects the interior of the unit against corrosion due to sucking wet objects, water, snow, etc.
Durable filter material, reusable, characterized by high strength and long service life.

Reliability and ease of use

VARIO vacuum cleaner is designed to work in our climatic conditions, so it can be installed outdoors and does not require roofing.
Optional vacuum cleaner can be equipped with a boom for hose, which facilitates the use of the device and simultaneously protects the hose against dirt.

VARIO is especially recommended as a vacuum cleaner for a car washes or petrol stations.