Vacuum cleaner SIMPLE

SIMPLY is simple in construction and uses a vacuum cleaner, designed for cleaning vehicle interiors from a solid waste.
Five meter long flexible suction hose allows an easy and convenient access to the interior of the whole vehicle.
Is offered in single and double stand, with stainless steel cover. Suitable suction unit provides power of 1450 watts per stand.
Standard equipment: electronic coins and tokens acceptor, providing full control over the sales and implementation services, non-resettable counter starts, adjustable work time.

Dust and dirt are removed to a container with integrated suction chamber, which can be easily and quickly emptied.  Both the container and dirt suction chamber are made from reinforced laminate, which fully protects the inside of the machine against corrosion due to sucking wet objects, water, snow, etc.
Durable filter material, reusable, characterized by high strength and long service life.

Optional vacuum cleaner can be equipped with a boom for hose, which facilitates the use of the device and simultaneously protects the hose against dirt.