Rug beater

Rug beater is made of stainless steel.
Easy and convenient to use, helpful in maintain cleaning interior of the vehicles and also cleaning areas at service stations and car washes.
Especially recommended for car washes and in the vicinity of stationary vacuum cleaners.
Usually drivers, due to lack of a rug beater, wipe the car mats about the covers of equipment or lamps, destroying them and raising dust.
Pull-out, lockable drawer allows easy and quick remove the dirt cumulated inside the rug beater.

Product Features:
• cleaning maintenance
• useful in every place
• increases provided services range
• made of stainless steel
• roomy, pull-out drawer for dust
• lock securing the drawer removal by an unauthorized people
• ergonomic shapes
• simplicity of use and operation
• can be installed outdoors and does not require any roofing
• quick and uncomplicated assembly
• self-service

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