NORDCOM – stationary tire inflator for gasoline stations.

NORDCOM is a professional compressor for inflating tires of passenger cars and vans.
Manufactured from stainless steel, available with automatic pressure gauge (Digital) or manual (Analog).
Wide door allow easy access to the inside of the machine, where on anti-vibration pads is mounted compressor with high efficiency, integrated with safety systems, ensuring a long-time and reliable service.
The standard NORDCOM unit is equipped with a compressor on a 24L tank. On request can be supplied with the compressor on 6L tank or without tank.
Tire inflator NORDCOM is designed to work in our climatic conditions, so it can be installed outdoors and does not require roofing.
Digital version has internal heating with thermostat.
Automatic gauge of NORDCOM DIGITAL enables read the actual pressure in the tire. Use the + / – buttons to set the required pressure, the value of which is presented on a backlit display. The processing of inflating / deflating, to a preset value, is done automatically – end of the process is announces audibly. The unit of pressure can be changed at any time to PSI, KPA or BAR.
Tire inflator NORDCOM is characterized by elegance, performance, simpliecity use and reliability in operation.
It can be successfully used for inflating bicycle tires. Optionally, can be aquipped with a set for charging a fee for using a compressor.