DUO SET (2 in 1) – compressor & vacuum

DUO (2 in 1) is a set of vacuum cleaner and a tire inflator in a common, stainless steel cabinet.
Designed to work within limited space or in case when to two independent devices cannot be installed together.
Available in versions with single power supply (230V) or three-phase (400÷415V).
Single-phase versions are offered with a suction vacuum’s motor (DUO 230 AA / DUO 230 AD) or induction turbine – vacuum pump (DUO 230 TA / DUO 230 TD). Three-phase models have induction turbine – vacuum pump (DUO 400 TA / DUO 400 TD).

Standard equipment of vacuum cleaner, of each DUO set, consists of: electronic coins and tokens acceptor, providing full control over the sales and implementation services, non-resettable counter, programmable timer.
Compressor of DUO set is designed for inflating tires of all passenger cars and vans, can be equipped with automatic pressure gauge (Digital) or manual (Analog).

DUO has been designed to work in our climatic conditions, so it can be installed outdoors and does not require roofing. Versions with digital pressure gauge have internal heating with thermostat.
Optionally, DUO set can be equipped with a boom for vacuum’s hose, which facilitates the use of the device and simultaneously protects the hose against dirt and with a set for charging a fee for using a compressor.